Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart...

We are out skipping everyday, how many jumps can you do?


Can you make a fire from a magnifying


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pirate Eva

                                                             History club photos funny!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Harold Comes To Visit!! By Pip and Natalie

Harold Comes To Visit!

Last week Harold,(Life Education Trust)Came to Visit...

Here are some photos of Harold and us:
 Hiedi has a hug with Harold

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Space Jump

We have been playing lots of drama games to improve our expression and ideas. A hilarious game we play is Space Jump where the first person acts out a scene then another person joins in but they have to change what you're doing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Take your marks get set GO!"Yelled the starter. Isprint down the hill, befor long I can see the finish line, my arms swoop faward my legs triple the speed.

"Yay!" I scream as I rip the tape off the posts.

suddenly I'm in a swarm of runners.
"Attention, Attention!" Said the loudspeaker.
"In first place is Justin Beeber! Seconde place is Michel Jackson! Third place is eminEm! lease stand on the podeum said the loud speaker.
I take my place with pride.  as I'm awarded my GOLD!!MedalI'm so full of joy I fell like I was going to exploid!
                                                                 The end.

                                                            By Natalie Woolfe.


Anna felt like she could rip her brother in half. The way he had shouted at her had made her feel down in the dumps. She blinked her long red eye lashes vacantly. Anna wished she was with Flora-Rose, her best friend. She was travelling around the tropical islands right this minute while she, Anna McCruchberry was a grumpy old goat. "Anna!" yelled her former brother. That's what she was going to call him now. "Go feed Catapult!" he said appearing at the door, trying to mimic Anna's mothers voice. 

Down with Catapult in the barn, she felt soothed and now, Catapult's horsey breath swept all her angry thoughts out of he brain to the river. Mixing the alfalfa hay with the oats, and giving it to her horse, she talked to him about FLora- Rose and how she was travelling around tropical isalnads and how tomorrow she would be in Hawaii. The times with Catapult were the best. If shew as sad she would bury her face in catapult's spottie fur and weep as much as her heart would let her. Suddenly "crunch, crunch, munch, munch, I'm going to eat you!" said a distant voice.
"quick Cat! Let's go!" Anna yelled flinging the saddle that had only a few minutes ago been sitting absently on the saddle rack.

As she walked her horse through the mud, Anna found foot prints. There were three claws with a pointy heel. Anna tethered Catapult to a tree whispering "stay there cat". As she bent down she found a key. I wonder where this goes? In front of her, about ten metres away she saw a door with a lock. She walked over and put a key in. 

By Meg

Hooking the reader

Thud, thud, thump, thump. John was galloping on his horse Bell. Suddently he stopped to use the phone (and called 5893621976) to find out his location. John was in the locomoco Rainforest. He pulled out his map. He was half way there to find the Aroha diamond.
By Millie

The Fire At the Stable

Crunch, crunch, crunch! It was autumn and I had just came back from my holiday in Australia. 
"It was awesome!' I told Isi,my best friend, "Clifton Promise jumped it clear with a metre to spare! Oh, and you should have seen the look on Jock Padget's face!"
"Cool!" Isi said, amazed, " I wish I was there."

It was right there and then I heard it, the roar! The shout of people. I looked at Isi, she didn't look back, I saw the horror on her face. I look in the direction she was looking. The orange scorching flame rose even higher. We ran towards the hot metal gates, in we rushed. There was Annie the stable owner's daughter. "Rocky!" (She was shouting the name of her pony". 
"We will get him and all the other" I said.
"Oh thank you" she said "but you can't, you will get hurt".
"We will" I said "come on Isi". I rushed in. Undoing all the bolted doors, frightened ponies ran out. I started to cough. I was breathing it in. I ran out coughing and spluttering. "I've - finished" I managed, and fell to the ground and passed out. I woke up in hospital. I opened one eye. "Where am I?" I spluttered. 
"In hospital" said a voice. I opened my other eye, it was Isi. "Emma!" my mum smiled "say cheese!" Flash, flash, flash! The camera blinded me.

On Sunday I went to the stables, it was blackened. "The saddles and bridles were broken and apart from that everything was fine" said Annie, looking disapointed. "but mum has a friend who supplies saddles and bridles so they arrive today" she added brightly. Just then they hard a crunch on the gravel driveway. Joe the stable owner came out glumly. "I believe these saddles and bridles are for you?" said Mr Cameron. 
"Yes, they are" said Joe.

Once he had unpacked Joe got out her wallet "no need for money" he said and hopped into his car and drove off. 

3 months later, it was back to normal. The horses and ponies grazed happily, people rode around the arena, relaxed. Just then...

By Pip



Crack! flash! the Tv turned black.
flash the house lit up.
I held my kittens close. Outside the trees were moaning an!
the terrified sound of my kittens made me shiver.
I look out the window at the lights boom flash bang.
All the lights go out.
I felt for my torch and flicked it on ;couted my kittens
1,2,3,4,''were is lilly?''
She appeared from under the bed.
''there you are I say''
I carried them into the solar power room.
I flick on the lights (the solar room is my mums room)
I lay on the bed with my kittens Lilly jumped on me we play for a little while then we fell asleep when I woke up the storm was over but had lost our puppy Sploch ...

By Athena. =] +]  =] +]
One day there were 2 little girls one named Bella and one named Violet. Bella said to Violet "please
come and visit my hut". 
"no thank you" said Violet.
 "please, it is really fun" begged Bella.
" ok but you owe me but there is one thing, it takes half an hour to get there.  Maybe we should stay here?  No no lets go are you sure, yes mum won't know, ok lets go. Then Bella and Violets mum came out. "Bella, Violet where are you? Bella and Violet could not hear. They were lost but they did not know. Bella asked "how much longer".
"Wait that half an hour was up" We are lost oho. Wait i've got lost down here before said Bella. Come on now, I know the way out. O good I was worried that we would never find our way out. What here comes Mum. "there you are" said Mum. I cannot believe your sneaking out, go to your room this is all your fault" said Violet. Bella snuck out her window and tried to hold on the best as she could and quickly jumped in to Violets window. Violet got such a fright that she fell off the bed and broke her arm on a wooden bar. She was crying then mum came in. Bella tried to hide but it was too late. Mum was so angry that she made Bella sty in her for a year. Bella was so angry. Selina which was her mum took Violet to the doctor to get a cast on. When the year was done Violet got her cast off and she felt fantastic. 
By Amber

The super spy

 Hi my name is Eden and it is a pleasure to meet you. I have two powers and they are force-field  and Lazer eyes, It's so fun being a spy. I've got to go and do a mission I will be back in 456 minutes. 456 minutes later I'm back so my mission was to get rid of all the nasty teachers who made me write in books. My first victim was Nettie stow. I yos my lazer eyes and then Nettie melted in the ground. THE END!!!!!!!!!! 

Rachel and Squirt

"Hey Squirt, stop pecking me" said Rachel. She had a parrot named Squirt. Rachel had Squirt since she was 5. He was her birthday present. She lived in a castle far, far away. The guards are ghosts. One day Rachel was out. The ghosts were sleeping and Squirt was playing with his toys. At 2.00 Rachel was meant to come home but instead Charlie the Robot came (Charlie is Rachel's enemy). He loved Squirt. When he came he bird napped Squirt. Luckily the ghosts woke up and scared Charlie away and he dropped Squirt. The ghosts let him out but Squirt had a sprained wing. When Rachel came home she was so sad. immediately she rang the bird hospital. he had to stay there for 2 nights.  By Zeta

Enchanted wood

 Part 1
Whoosh, a fairy flew past me, and another. I never knew there was magic in my forest. "chatter, chatter, chatter" I heard fairies talking away. "Squeak, squeak" it was a little mouse nearby. It started to crawl up me and I held it in my hands. I felt my hands tingle with excitement, I was ready...

Part 2
I sneak in the hole with the animals. Swoosh, I faintly heard a cackling noise... "magic, magic, magic little cat". I thought it was a witch but then I walked in. I saw it was a WIZARD. I stepped in slowly "hi, what's your name? My name is Pippy what's yours?"
"I am wizard head". 

By Yasmina

The Thunder Storm

Thunder  strikes above me  ''CRACK! BANG! FLASH!'' I look up to see black clouds and bright thunder . 
I feel scared and frighted at the same time. Suddenly a flash , the power turned off into blackness .
'' help! help! please!'' I screeched hoping somebody would help me.I ran for the cupboard and got out my torch, I ran outside. But I ran under a tree as thunder struck ''ZAP!'' I was dead on the ground!.
from Alana!.

One fishing Trip

My hands grab the fishing rod. My heart is pumped. The night is staring at me like a beer. Ten minutes  I 'm later hooked, my little hands grab my rod. I can’t hold it any more! My dad takes over. He reels it in. It took an hour to reel in but it was worth       
it though!   By Eva

Walt: do better hooks

Walt: do better hooks  
 The car zoomed across the long bridge as some lighting struck."ah"they screamed in horror (crash) they reversed out of the side of the bridge and carried on their ride.

The Bush Walk

Wow this is going to be the best weekend ever. I am going
on a bush walk with my friends . We played I spy. There was one problem a tree fell down on the track and we had to climb over it . “We will stop for lunch in 30 minutes” I said . Finally it was lunch ctime. we ate quickly when we finally got there for dinner. I had a big drink and yummy sausages . I fell straight asleep after that. By Heidi

Serpent in the Forest

Jack and Peter  were going tramping  in the forest in America. They want to tramping because they like tramping. They set up their tent for the night. Suddenly it got very dark after they got their tent up. They went in and went to bed but a serpent came to the tent. They heard it. Jack and Peter took the tent with them. By Jock

Thursday, March 28, 2013

By Heidi and Meg

Flying Horses

My wings flap and flap, taking me to the far away island of Quilorn.
I land gracefully, Thump! Onto the ground. “About time too!” My mate Rosa said.
“I came as quickly as I could.” I grunted, unhappy at my greeting, “A little girl named Kim is stuck under a boulder.”
“We have to help!” Yelled the chestnut cob, Blaze.

Our wings bet the breeze as we flew to the next island. Once far away,  all the little pegasus’s dropped to the ground with a loud Kabumf!
“There she is!” Rosa called, far infront of us. We gallop forward toward Rosa. The girl had light brown hair and a fluffy coat, blue eyes filled with fright. She let out a scared whisper that we only just under stood “I’m stuck” was all we heard.

As we carry Kim across to the far away Quilorn. We land with a bump to the  ground, Rosa ran of to get some aid and help. Blaze galloped for food and I stayed with Kim. Suddenly Rosa beetled up to us with a lot of other pegasus’s . “Lets treat it with the magic power of the Magic Hagstone!” Shouted one.
“That sounds good,” I said to calm them and they rushed of to find it.

All cured and well, Kim was back at her house and she was happy, her mum should be home soon. SCRREEECH!  Car tires outside, “That could be mum!” Kim said in a state of panic. She scuttled to the door, opening it to her mum pale faced standing in the door frame. “ That was nearly my blood instead that stupid mans”

Thank You For Reading This Story.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WALT: We Are Learning To...

In my writing group,(Millie, Meg, Kyla, Natalie.)We are learnig to use (Brackets) and Semicolons;
This is a story I wrote trying to use semicolons and brackets.

Kaimanawa Muster

Thud, thud ... my hooves galloped fast trying to get away from the monster buzzing above my head. Men on horse back gallop fast trying to keep up. I neigh a shrill high pitched note, "We are in danger" I yell, 
"I think we all know that!" Destiny the wise old mare yells back to me.

  While we are panicing like a fish in a shark tank;the men on horseback were as calm as FISH tank!
"Stop this nonsense" Koru my foal said.     
"I'm trying" I say softly, (which is hard when you are in a state of panic.) Then I think of something. I turn on my hocks, (calf) and rear up threatening to fight. My herd take the chance, they turn and gallop sideways trying to get away. The skillful horseman round them up ignoring me like I was a foal being annoying. 

The terror was over, now there was more. We got to put in yards. I looked and looked for Koru, finally I finally found him, he was lyng down and moving around restlessly. "Koru" I said. 
"Mum, I am scared!", Koru whimpered.

By Pip.


Friday, March 8, 2013

RIP Kath

Kath was a wonderful teacher at Mahana School. We all love and miss your happy, smiling face. You are a very special woman and we will always remember you.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Parents Meeting 2013

Below is a summary of the main points from our class meeting.
Please come and talk with me if you are unsure or want any more information.

Our class goals:
To listen to others
Talk positively
Speak confidently & fluently in front of others
National Standards
All children will also have individual goals so make sure you ask them what they are!

What we will be learning:
Our topic for term 1 is Puppets and Performance. These areas will be focused on during most subjects. In reading children will learn how to run a Reciprocal reading programme. The main components are predicting, clarifying, questioning, summarising and leadership.

In writing we will focus on punctuation, presentation & typing

Handwriting: pencil grip, linking, size, shape, slope.

*Spelling lists will be sent home
*Test words at home by February 22nd
*Highlight correct words then bring the list back to school
*Children will be tested on Fridays & given new words
What if my child knows all the list words? - we have more lists at school for them!

Maths:  Number knowledge (starting with writing the words for numbers and patterns)

We have many other things going on in class so please keep checking the blog and our school's facebook page