Sunday, February 27, 2011

Class pets

Theo had some suprise visitors - lots and lots of caterpillars, very hungry caterpillars. At the moment we have about 13 cocoons around our room and can't wait to see them hatch.

Luca brings his chickens to school

Luca brought his chickens to school today. They sat on the mat and listened to a story. They were very well behaved!

Drawing kereru

We have been learning to draw kereru. Soon we will turn them into large kereru that we will stuff. Look out for some more pictures of our stuffed kereru.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making honey on the Scorrar Ranch!

What an exciting weekend we had as we raided our hive for the first time. The bees weren't too impressed as we took the frames dripping honey from their home. Our first step after retrieving the frames was to use the hot knife to take the outer layer of wax off the frame. We then put the frames into a large barrel and Cassie spun them around (which caused the honey to fly off and onto the wall of the drum). Then we just poured the honey out and wow, lots and lots of honey!

Monday, February 14, 2011

rabbit island picnic

On friday we went to rabbit island for a picnic, it was fantastic. We had a stick race where we lay on our tumys and ran to grab a stick. We went swimming then we had lunch. There was a big sand bank and lots of people were rolling down it some other people were climbing trees and others were in the bush.
We went for 2 swims in one day Tiarne and Meila went up to the point where we can not touch the
ground. Waves went over there head we drunk lots of sea water we made sand castles. Tiarne and Meilas castle came down down down . Tiana and yasmina were helping us after we had another
swim. Me and Tiarne went to Mr neal where the water went up to his neck and it was over our head.
When we got back to our lunch box and drink one of the teachers called out lunch time so we all came down then after that we went for another swim man that was a fun day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notes from Parents Meeting

Parent Meeting

At the start of the year children will be tested on:
Essential spelling lists, math strategies and knowledge, basic facts, reading comprehension and reading level. They will also write a story and have their structure, ideas and punctuation looked at.

In class we will learning about:
Reading - comprehension, native bird research, making their own dictionary, spelling patterns
Writing - narratives (opening, structure, characters, settings)
Planning using flowcharts and brainstorms
Art - drawing and sketching and makng clay tiles of Kereru - (to hopefully make into a class logo)
Maths - algebra, addition, subtraction, x, /, basic facts
Mathletics- basic facts and activities based on other parts of maths (like algebra, geometry, measurement) Visit : to have a look.
PE - swimming
Spelling - children will learn about word families and sounds. On Monday children will have words to learn in their spelling notebooks. You can add words from same family if you wish. They will then be tested on friday and new words added to their notebooks.

Homework - It is expected that your children read every night whether it be a school book or a book of their choice. Make sure they fill in their - home reading diaries too!
Children will also need to learn their spelling words and basic facts (mathletics is great for this)

We visit the school library every Friday

Please label your children’s clothes!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tiarne's pigeon facts

there are two species of native pigeons.

it eats leaves buds and flowers.

the chick grows rapidly

meilas awsome pigeon facts

The native pigeon also eats leaves, buds and flowers in northland the birds eat mostly fruit.

Since the extinton of the moa the native pigeon is now the only seed disperser with a bill big enught to swollow larger fruit

During the first world war a pigeon named che ami saved the lives of many french soldiers by carring a message across the enemy lines in the heat of the battle chr ami was shot in the chest and most of the leg which the message was carrying but got the message home safly.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


chris loves chocolate.
chris had his nana over on the holidays.
chris likes blue.
chris likes dogs.
chris likes fantails.


Tianrne's favourite animal is a dog.

Tiarne's favourite colour is pink and white .

Tiarne;s mum works at the smoke house .

Tiarne's favourite flower is a poppy.

Tiarne's favorite food is a rasberry


skyannes favourite colour is aqua

her favourite animal is a horse

her favourite pizza is Hawailh

her favourite thing to do is play, play station

her mums job is house keeping


Amelias favourite aniamal is a horse.
her favourite shop is smiggels.
her favourite food is chocolete


Sean,s favourite colour is red
His favourite food is pizza.
Seans favourite pizza is meatlovers.
His favourite movie is the Simpsons
Seans mum works at the Aquarium.


Meilas favourite animal is dog. Why soft and cuddly Meilas favourite colour is blue. Why its the same as the sea Meilas favourite fruit is rasberry Why juicy Meilas favourite plant is poppy. Why has spots like a lady bug Meila wants to be a vet Why likes helping animals



tristan likes to play in his big feild his and favourite super hero is super man his favourite food is chocolate his favourite colour is white.


Josh likes moterbike like kawasaki and is favourite colours are black and red and is favourite is a. dog why coues you can hunt with them and his favourite. fruit is apple and is favourite man is motorhead


Alana's favourite animal is a dog
why: they bark at people

Alana's favouurite colour is green
why:There is lotes of green trees

Alana's favourite food is a strawberry
why:it looked nice and juicy

Alana's mum works at st.john
why:help look after people

Alana's favourite flower is a rose
why:stands out in the public


1 Ella has a big house.
2 Ella's favourite colour is green.
3 Ella's favorite animel is a dog.
4 Ella's mum works at a winery.
5 Ella's favourite hobbie is tiding her room.


kyla's favourite book is the magic faraway tree

kyla's favourite colour is blue

the army is kyla's dad's job

whenua Iti is kyla's mum's job

rhino's are kyla's favourite animal


Natalie likes Animals toys, tiger dressups, cake. Natalie likes bike riding


pip,s favourite bird is a peacock pip,s favourite animal is a lion

pip,s mum,s job is cellardoor

pip,s favourite colour is black and red

pip,s favourite movie is Despicableme


Sarahs favourite animal is a cat.
Why its nice and fluffy.

Sarahs favourite colour is red.
Why her beds red

Sarahs favourite fruit is apple.
Why nice and juicy.

Sarahs favourite plant is poppy.
Why its red and her favourite colour is red.

Sarah wants to be a hairdresser.
Why she likes having hair cuts.