Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday 21st September - Soccer....................BY...............PIP!

The seasons gone so fast and it's sad because it is ending.

We had two BBQs and that was fun. We were celebrating the end of the soccer season. It feels funny to not go to Wednesday practice.

I loved the season, it went so well. We all did well and I was blown away with everyone's skill. I loved Natalie's footwork; she worked so hard. So did the rest of the team. I love the way everyone has improved over the season, we all did well.

I'm not going to be writing about soccer anymore so don't be saying "Where is soccer by Pip" because I won't be doing them. It's been lovely - "I hope you liked them" she said.

By Pip Coakley

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 19th September - SOCCER BY...........................PIPPY!!!!!!!

We had another BBQ on Wednesday it was great. We had a sausage a drink (Two drinks actually!) A ice cream!

It was fantastico!

We got a cup for the team & a certificate and a big poster of the white ferns!

Natalie was there and we played on the play ground until I went home. I don't know when Natalie went home.

We played and played and we all had fun!

My little speech thingy:

"it is sad and disappointing that soccer is ending.
We have had a good term.
Winning, loosing and drawing. We all love soccer!

I hope I do it next year. Soccer is one of my favourite sports.
It is so fun and you can play it at home with your friends, all you need is a ball.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

CLUB PENGUIN Stowaway! Review

Adventures at sea

By Tracy West
At club penguin 3 friends are talking about Rock Hopper the pirate. One of them was wearing a striped t-shirt and belt. He was planning to stow away on board. While his friends were keeping Rock Hopper busy he sneaked on the pirate ship and hid the book to find out.

In this book you get to choose your own parts out of it to make your own story . In my story, the penguin heard a voice say “What do we have here” and woke up to see Yarr, Rock Hoppers puffle and Rock Hopper in front of him. I joined the crew and we saw a sea monster. The cap’n asked me to “go find me some fruit”. However, I got stones instead of fruit, you will have to read the story to find out why. At the end of my story Rock Hopper said “I know an island where I could trade these stones for bananas. Good job mate.” So I guess he will get his fruit after all. But if you read the book, your story will probably be different .

I liked this book because I got to choose what I wanted and when something does go wrong for me I go back and change it. It was cool reading this book because I have a Puffle and its pink so I like reading about Puffles.

This book would suit girls and boys of years 3 and up

Reviewed by ATHENA Kereru!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday 9th September.- Soccer By Pip

"We are going to have a BBQ on Saturday after Soccer. The team are doing it because it is our last game and we are going to celebrate. Every one is going to go to claudia's house to do it. hopefully every one will be there.

We have had a better year than last year.

I am looking forward to the last game. but it is very sad.

I love soccer it is my favorite sport!y

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday 8th of September- Soccer By Pip

We did practice yesterday.

Natalie wasn't there but I bet she will be there on Saturday.

I hope every one will be there on Saturday because it is the last game!

We were focusing on dribbling the ball. Dribbling the ball means kicking the ball softly so that it doesn't go so far in front of you.

We did a drill that you dribble the ball to the other side of the field and back again. Then we did a similar drill, you dribble to the other side of the field then when the coach (my Dad) said "Stop!" you left your ball and went to the other side. Then when you came back you got the ball and dribbled it to the other side.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7th of September - Soccer By Pip

We, the Leopards won 1 game on Saturday.
It was Poppy's birthday so we sang happy birthday to her.

Poppy was in Canada when we did the photo so took a picture then cut it out. then Andy, who was doing it. he pasted it in. i have got the picture to show you of how it turned out.

By Pip coakley