Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Crack! flash! the Tv turned black.
flash the house lit up.
I held my kittens close. Outside the trees were moaning an!
the terrified sound of my kittens made me shiver.
I look out the window at the lights boom flash bang.
All the lights go out.
I felt for my torch and flicked it on ;couted my kittens
1,2,3,4,''were is lilly?''
She appeared from under the bed.
''there you are I say''
I carried them into the solar power room.
I flick on the lights (the solar room is my mums room)
I lay on the bed with my kittens Lilly jumped on me we play for a little while then we fell asleep when I woke up the storm was over but had lost our puppy Sploch ...

By Athena. =] +]  =] +]

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