Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Clowns are funny
I like the acrobats
Round and round
Crazy hippos parading
Up and down
Say good bye to the circus for now


Hip hip horray for the hippos today
If I see one i will go wild
Pip will say not today!
Purple and grey all
Of the hippos are together
Say good bye

What i did in the holidays

On the holidays I went to my grandmas house to stay we walk up the road to ride our bikes and scooters last week she took us to the theatre royal to watch snow white the musical it was awesome I love my nana!!!
ONCE there lived a girl with a horse called horsey and the girl was called Olivia
one day the girl was walking horsey through the forest .then suddenly out of the blur
came a butterfly. horsey chased the butterfly Olivia pulls on the rains but horsey didn't stop.

Horsey gets lost and even worst Olivia couldn't find him

2 years later Olivia was catching fish.
Then out of the gloom Olivia herd a "Neigh".It was horsey!

Olivia ran to get him.

From that day on they NEVER EVER went into the forest again.

Then they lived happily ever after.

The End

Pip,Natalie and Athena

By Pip,Athena and Natalie