Friday, December 10, 2010

Building Bridges

At camp we did bridge building. In my group we made 3 models. Our first model was a failure our second model was ok, but our 3rd was great. We got the baby across first time and it was so great that Charlotte made us carry Theo and surprisingly it worked. Then we showed the class.
Written by Thomas Hart

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Abseiling is a form of roping yourself down from a mountain top or a canyon rim.
Abseiling is fun to do and helpful from hunting to hiking.
Unfortunately the down side to this exhilarating sport is that it causes 25% (1 of 4) climbing deaths. Mostly from not securing an anchor, or not putting your harness on properly when going down canyons mountains and steep embankments. So for budding abseilers remember safety tips and bear in mind that these tips can save your life.

By Leah and Elizabeth

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tent Pitching by Tiarne

Tent Pitching
When the middles arrived at Kina we put up the tents, our tent was a fun most. People found it hard and fun. Our tents where big. Tavania’s Dad Glen has a big tent so does Sean G’s tent .
It was such good fun when me, Meila and Tavania went to look in Glens tent he was the only one sleeping in it. Tavania had a smaller tent she slept with Luca. Sean’s was a little bit smaller than Glens. He slept with Josh,Thomas H, Jed and Theo. I liked going on camp it was fun.

By Tiarne

Meila's tasty camp food

Camp Food
All the tent groups got a job to do and my group made dinner. We had hamburgers with the filling , lettuce, tomato, meat, carrots, cheese,tomato suce and cucumber, it was delicious! Every body wanted another one because they were so yummy . After dinner Elizabeth,Leah and Georgia washed up then we made damper mine was made to salty Then we made roasted marshmallows . After that we went to bed . Next morning we had breakfast there were lots to eat including cereal, peaches and toast. I had rice bubbles with peaches. I also had some toast .The rice bubbles were extra tasty.

by Meila.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun and games at camp

This is us in a circle at Whenua Iti.'

We played a cool game called dead ant.

Mr Searle is playing it in school with us.

By Luca

thomas b

Flying Rat - by Thomas B

The flying rat is a 18 metre high swing which is basically a team puling up 1 of them . If the person at the front of the line is to light he could be pulled up with the other person. This is what I said it was scary at first but when I got up there I didn't want to come back down again. It was a sunny day so you could see every one else. Second time it was swinging which I loved. By Thomas