Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Athletics Practice

Its not long until the Moutere Sports Day so the kids are out running, throwing and sprinting!

More Gala pics

Mahana School Gala

What a fantastic day we all had!! There were so many things to see and do including guess the jellybeans (which Josh won), pony rides, senior run stalls, scottish dancers, kapa haka performances, plant sales, llamas and great home baking. The list goes on and on...
Thanks to everyone who came and especially the parents who put in HEAPS of time and effort, you are all ******stars ******

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mrs S's birds came home!

I am very excited to say my parrots have come home! While I was away overseas they were staying with family in the North Island but now they are back! There names are Dippy (yellow) and Phoenix (green).

Was Red Riding Hood really so nice?

This term the middle room will be writing twisted fairy tales. We have started by looking at Red Riding Hood and hearing the story from the perspective of Wolfie. Was he really the bad guy in all of this? 
By the end of the term the Middle Roomers will have chosen a fairy tale and twisted it around so look out for the 'real' fairy tales you may start hearing over the term!

Also after writing this story children will then create puppets to use in a puppet show based on their twisted tale

Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome year 2's to our fun and exciting Middle Room

The first day of term 4 was very special for us as we had 6 new year 2's. They had a great day and contributed well in our class. We love having you all and hope you enjoy the rest of the term. 

Jump Off!

On the last day of term the kids had a jump off where they showed their exceptional skipping moves! The kids moved around in mixed groups followed by each class showing off their skills and finishing with a jump off. In the jump off we all skipped to see who could last the longest. It came down to Safari and Indigo with Safari managing to maintain her style just that bit longer! Well done everyone who skipped and raised money for the heart foundation. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hello to all Middles and their Families, I hope you are all having a fun and relaxing holiday. You can see I have been busy building a deck and looking after the puppy.