Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Anna felt like she could rip her brother in half. The way he had shouted at her had made her feel down in the dumps. She blinked her long red eye lashes vacantly. Anna wished she was with Flora-Rose, her best friend. She was travelling around the tropical islands right this minute while she, Anna McCruchberry was a grumpy old goat. "Anna!" yelled her former brother. That's what she was going to call him now. "Go feed Catapult!" he said appearing at the door, trying to mimic Anna's mothers voice. 

Down with Catapult in the barn, she felt soothed and now, Catapult's horsey breath swept all her angry thoughts out of he brain to the river. Mixing the alfalfa hay with the oats, and giving it to her horse, she talked to him about FLora- Rose and how she was travelling around tropical isalnads and how tomorrow she would be in Hawaii. The times with Catapult were the best. If shew as sad she would bury her face in catapult's spottie fur and weep as much as her heart would let her. Suddenly "crunch, crunch, munch, munch, I'm going to eat you!" said a distant voice.
"quick Cat! Let's go!" Anna yelled flinging the saddle that had only a few minutes ago been sitting absently on the saddle rack.

As she walked her horse through the mud, Anna found foot prints. There were three claws with a pointy heel. Anna tethered Catapult to a tree whispering "stay there cat". As she bent down she found a key. I wonder where this goes? In front of her, about ten metres away she saw a door with a lock. She walked over and put a key in. 

By Meg

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