Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rachel and Squirt

"Hey Squirt, stop pecking me" said Rachel. She had a parrot named Squirt. Rachel had Squirt since she was 5. He was her birthday present. She lived in a castle far, far away. The guards are ghosts. One day Rachel was out. The ghosts were sleeping and Squirt was playing with his toys. At 2.00 Rachel was meant to come home but instead Charlie the Robot came (Charlie is Rachel's enemy). He loved Squirt. When he came he bird napped Squirt. Luckily the ghosts woke up and scared Charlie away and he dropped Squirt. The ghosts let him out but Squirt had a sprained wing. When Rachel came home she was so sad. immediately she rang the bird hospital. he had to stay there for 2 nights.  By Zeta

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Anonymous said...

hi Zeta like your story its sad how the parrot hurt his wing