Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pip and Meg's 3D drawings.

On the 11th of September I (Pip) did a 3D drawing of a horse pulling a carriage.

On the 12th of September I (Meg) did a 3D house.

These are them,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wharenui at Te Awhina

  ancestors, backbone,
sleeping, snoring, singing
pou, tukutuku, food, showers,
eating, playing, running
amplified, fun,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Warm Wharenui

Mattresses sandwiched together

Bodies twisting and turning

Sleeping bags rustling

Mr Neal snoring

Kids whispering

Giggles echoing

Bright stars shining in the black sky

Cosy and safe with the whanau

Reflections from the Marae

I saw:
...the church that was 100 years old
...the black, sooty sky friends and I playing caterpillars in sleeping bags
and people playing tag.

I heard:
...sleeping bags crackling like a fire,
...year 8s giggling
...people getting up and going to the toilet
...Whaea Sue telling us about art
and Mr Neal snoring like an angry warthog.

I could feel:
...the softness of the carvings,
..the soft, warm sleeping bag
and the warm air of the wharenui carving around us.

Meg's Poem/ Marae

Mattresses on the ground.

All snuggled up as a warm whanau.

Red-hot cheeks in the cosy atmosphere.

Aroha fills the room as we settle into our sleeping bags.

Everyone seems to be giggling, sleeping or whispering.

BY Meg Coakley.