Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I brought in a stag antler. Its an eight pointer that we caught in Murchison. Males are called stags and females are called Does.

Monday, March 29, 2010

WALT: use freeze frames

WALT: use freeze frames

We have been reading George's Marvelous Medicine. These photos show the freeze frames we created after predicting what will happen next in the story.

Spelling - new sounds!

This week we are looking at long i sounds.
Here are the words we looked at
After we made a list we looked at what letters make the long i

Do you know?

Friday, March 26, 2010

A new addition

Tavania's new puppy Basil, what a cutie!!!!!

Weekly Spelling Update!

This week Middles have been working on long e sounds.
We know that ee and ea (often in the middle of a word) make the long e sound and don't forget the magic e as in bake

Challenge: How many words can you think of that contain a long e?
0 - 5 words: Good try (perhaps use ryhmes to find a few more)
6 - 10: Pretty good - you know a few
11 - 15 Great - how did you get that many?
16+ Excellent!!!!!!!!! You must know your long e sounds really well! Take a bow!

Friday, March 12, 2010

WALT: use fullstops, capital letters and ?

The gargantuan whale smashed down the stern of the ship. Crash! the whale has been hit by a harpoon. The whale went down and a torpedo flung in the air blew up. It mixed with the ships oil, cadosh! Splat the ship smashed to smithereens like pouring salt on a snail or a volcano exploding. Cadosh a massive submarine exploded into the air, fire the torpedos a voice shouted. At first they looked like rocks, and they got bigger and bigger. Splat! the whales blood flew through the air like a black bird plane. The people from the ship, their blood was everywhere, beep beep beep... BOOM! The submarine exploded. Blood flew everywhere. The 7 seas are no longer, they are now the 7 seas of blood.

A lovely description Luke. You have used level 2 punctuation and some level 3, great stuff. I especially like the similes you included. Keep up the awesome imagination Luke. Mrs S

WALT: use fullstops, capital letters and ?

In number 5 Fleet Street there lived heaps of people that were english. They stared at the excellent world outside their colourful house where the children played. The parents stared at a funny looking girl who had a suitcase. "it looks funny: they said. She made heaps of noise from her shoes. It sounds like horse shoes clicking on the ground. Everybody was staring at the yellow, red, green, ble and orange houses. If they stared at the houses on the other side all they could see was rainbow cars go past. Why is there so many cars around here? I saw a granny singing, I'm not sure what song it was. Their neighbours stared out of the windows in the door and the play area.

Tiarne has written has an excellent description as she is using level 2 punctuation and she even used speech marks without being reminded, great writing Tiarne!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We have lately been doing taking away on number lines: to a nice (tidy) number or even. We skip count to lots of different numbers.

Swimming Sports

When I was in the whirl pool this boy pushed me I went under the water and took a breath!.by kari
At swimming sports we thought that it was time to change activity but it was time for the play Theo.

Fun stuff

We have been learning About Dr Seuss and caring about us and our family and friends and
from the Dr Seuss that Mrs Scorrar reads us stories like the 200 hat's.
Maths is fun but it is hard when Mrs Scorrar goes hard on us
We had swimming sports we did relay on the midlle field and reading in the library and I not very wet.