Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Fire At the Stable

Crunch, crunch, crunch! It was autumn and I had just came back from my holiday in Australia. 
"It was awesome!' I told Isi,my best friend, "Clifton Promise jumped it clear with a metre to spare! Oh, and you should have seen the look on Jock Padget's face!"
"Cool!" Isi said, amazed, " I wish I was there."

It was right there and then I heard it, the roar! The shout of people. I looked at Isi, she didn't look back, I saw the horror on her face. I look in the direction she was looking. The orange scorching flame rose even higher. We ran towards the hot metal gates, in we rushed. There was Annie the stable owner's daughter. "Rocky!" (She was shouting the name of her pony". 
"We will get him and all the other" I said.
"Oh thank you" she said "but you can't, you will get hurt".
"We will" I said "come on Isi". I rushed in. Undoing all the bolted doors, frightened ponies ran out. I started to cough. I was breathing it in. I ran out coughing and spluttering. "I've - finished" I managed, and fell to the ground and passed out. I woke up in hospital. I opened one eye. "Where am I?" I spluttered. 
"In hospital" said a voice. I opened my other eye, it was Isi. "Emma!" my mum smiled "say cheese!" Flash, flash, flash! The camera blinded me.

On Sunday I went to the stables, it was blackened. "The saddles and bridles were broken and apart from that everything was fine" said Annie, looking disapointed. "but mum has a friend who supplies saddles and bridles so they arrive today" she added brightly. Just then they hard a crunch on the gravel driveway. Joe the stable owner came out glumly. "I believe these saddles and bridles are for you?" said Mr Cameron. 
"Yes, they are" said Joe.

Once he had unpacked Joe got out her wallet "no need for money" he said and hopped into his car and drove off. 

3 months later, it was back to normal. The horses and ponies grazed happily, people rode around the arena, relaxed. Just then...

By Pip

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