Thursday, March 28, 2013

By Heidi and Meg

Flying Horses

My wings flap and flap, taking me to the far away island of Quilorn.
I land gracefully, Thump! Onto the ground. “About time too!” My mate Rosa said.
“I came as quickly as I could.” I grunted, unhappy at my greeting, “A little girl named Kim is stuck under a boulder.”
“We have to help!” Yelled the chestnut cob, Blaze.

Our wings bet the breeze as we flew to the next island. Once far away,  all the little pegasus’s dropped to the ground with a loud Kabumf!
“There she is!” Rosa called, far infront of us. We gallop forward toward Rosa. The girl had light brown hair and a fluffy coat, blue eyes filled with fright. She let out a scared whisper that we only just under stood “I’m stuck” was all we heard.

As we carry Kim across to the far away Quilorn. We land with a bump to the  ground, Rosa ran of to get some aid and help. Blaze galloped for food and I stayed with Kim. Suddenly Rosa beetled up to us with a lot of other pegasus’s . “Lets treat it with the magic power of the Magic Hagstone!” Shouted one.
“That sounds good,” I said to calm them and they rushed of to find it.

All cured and well, Kim was back at her house and she was happy, her mum should be home soon. SCRREEECH!  Car tires outside, “That could be mum!” Kim said in a state of panic. She scuttled to the door, opening it to her mum pale faced standing in the door frame. “ That was nearly my blood instead that stupid mans”

Thank You For Reading This Story.

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