Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Friend....

Hi Middles,

I went to Oregon on the weekend and made friends with a reptile. This is Lefty - a 6 foot corn snake.
At first I was nervous and a little afraid, but he is soft and cool to touch and he's a very cuddly guy!
Lefty and I became good friends and now I want a pet snake when I get home but Mum said "NO, you cannot have a snake in NZ (thank goodness)" - she is a bit of a scaredy cat!

Only 2 weeks till I'm back - Yay!!
Ssssssseee you all ssssssoon!

Love Ella the snake wrangler.

1 comment:

Mr Searle said...

Wow Ella,
You are brave!
Look forward to seeing you soon.
we had a visit from Pogo and Mister.
from the middle room