Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Covered in pumice

Hi Middles
This week we went to Pompei and Vesuvius!
Did you know that Vesuvius erupted in 1944 and the war was stopped because of so much damage? We could still see the lava flow from this as no trees were growing on it. There were some holes in the crater of Vesuvius where sulphur was escaping. Sulphur is the same thing as you can smell at Hamner Springs pools (like rotten eggs).
Guess how far apart Pompei and Vesuvius are . . . I will tell you next time I write.
Pompei is much better preserved than I expected. It is massive and awesome! We saw the dog that had been covered in ash and a few people including children. There was a cool house which was called the 'Mystery Villa' which had a secret room that the owners and their servants hid in with all their treasures, it didn't save them from the poisonous gas. Thomas and Dad ran out in to the Ampitheatre and Thomas shouted "I am Sparticus" just like in the film Sparticus. They has a big wrestle but nobody died.
:-) bye


Mr Searle said...

Vesuvius looks awesome Elizabeth. The pumice reminds me of Mount Ruapehu. Did you know it floats? Do they have hot pools and fumeroles there as well? Tell Thomas I think he would make a great Centurion.
We are on holiday for two weeks and are studying the Commonwealth games when we go back. Have Fun and watch out for gladiators. Ciao Signore Searle!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing the history you are seeing especially after studying it at school. Did the movie of Vesuvius help you imagine what it was like during the eruption?
I love seeing what you are up to and a big thank you for the lovely gift for Cassie. No doubt she will be counting to 10 very soon! Love Mrs S x

The Huxfords said...

Whew, thank goodness no-one died, we were worried there for a moment.
Hope your having a fantastic holiday, we miss you. Linda & Eylish xx

Anonymous said...

E and T told us so much that they had learnt about Pompeii and Vesuvius that we didn't really need the guide book. They were surprised how far apart they were from each other though! CB