Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The naughty boys!

Pogo and Mister.
Pogo and mister came to visit, they are both brothers. Pogo came to visit on Tuesday and mister came on Thursday. People in our class got to walk the dogs. Mister is really fast at running, but Pogo isn’t so fast .We got to play ball with Mister before school.Mister is younger than Pogo and they are both brothers. Mister has a pink nose and Pogo has a black nose. Mister is a faster than Pogo even though Mister is younger.They are both white Lowchen dogs.They both like cuddles and to sit on peoples laps. Pogo got really tired when he came. They liked scrounging peoples food which Mr Searle is trying to stop them doing!
And they were born down the road from school in a yellow bach but they are white and there mum was golden and thats where they came from.
by Meila.

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