Monday, February 14, 2011

rabbit island picnic

On friday we went to rabbit island for a picnic, it was fantastic. We had a stick race where we lay on our tumys and ran to grab a stick. We went swimming then we had lunch. There was a big sand bank and lots of people were rolling down it some other people were climbing trees and others were in the bush.
We went for 2 swims in one day Tiarne and Meila went up to the point where we can not touch the
ground. Waves went over there head we drunk lots of sea water we made sand castles. Tiarne and Meilas castle came down down down . Tiana and yasmina were helping us after we had another
swim. Me and Tiarne went to Mr neal where the water went up to his neck and it was over our head.
When we got back to our lunch box and drink one of the teachers called out lunch time so we all came down then after that we went for another swim man that was a fun day.

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