Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notes from Parents Meeting

Parent Meeting

At the start of the year children will be tested on:
Essential spelling lists, math strategies and knowledge, basic facts, reading comprehension and reading level. They will also write a story and have their structure, ideas and punctuation looked at.

In class we will learning about:
Reading - comprehension, native bird research, making their own dictionary, spelling patterns
Writing - narratives (opening, structure, characters, settings)
Planning using flowcharts and brainstorms
Art - drawing and sketching and makng clay tiles of Kereru - (to hopefully make into a class logo)
Maths - algebra, addition, subtraction, x, /, basic facts
Mathletics- basic facts and activities based on other parts of maths (like algebra, geometry, measurement) Visit : mathletics.co.nz to have a look.
PE - swimming
Spelling - children will learn about word families and sounds. On Monday children will have words to learn in their spelling notebooks. You can add words from same family if you wish. They will then be tested on friday and new words added to their notebooks.

Homework - It is expected that your children read every night whether it be a school book or a book of their choice. Make sure they fill in their - home reading diaries too!
Children will also need to learn their spelling words and basic facts (mathletics is great for this)

We visit the school library every Friday

Please label your children’s clothes!

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