Friday, March 12, 2010

WALT: use fullstops, capital letters and ?

In number 5 Fleet Street there lived heaps of people that were english. They stared at the excellent world outside their colourful house where the children played. The parents stared at a funny looking girl who had a suitcase. "it looks funny: they said. She made heaps of noise from her shoes. It sounds like horse shoes clicking on the ground. Everybody was staring at the yellow, red, green, ble and orange houses. If they stared at the houses on the other side all they could see was rainbow cars go past. Why is there so many cars around here? I saw a granny singing, I'm not sure what song it was. Their neighbours stared out of the windows in the door and the play area.

Tiarne has written has an excellent description as she is using level 2 punctuation and she even used speech marks without being reminded, great writing Tiarne!

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