Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 19th September - SOCCER BY...........................PIPPY!!!!!!!

We had another BBQ on Wednesday it was great. We had a sausage a drink (Two drinks actually!) A ice cream!

It was fantastico!

We got a cup for the team & a certificate and a big poster of the white ferns!

Natalie was there and we played on the play ground until I went home. I don't know when Natalie went home.

We played and played and we all had fun!

My little speech thingy:

"it is sad and disappointing that soccer is ending.
We have had a good term.
Winning, loosing and drawing. We all love soccer!

I hope I do it next year. Soccer is one of my favourite sports.
It is so fun and you can play it at home with your friends, all you need is a ball.

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