Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Review

Zac Power !
Spy Camp Zac Runs Wild
By H. I. Larry

Zac is a 12 year old boy who works for a spy group called GIB. His code name is agent “Rock Star”. Zac’s partner is called agent “Fang”. Her real name is Anna. He also has a brother called Leon and he is a spy too. In every mission Zac always has a special gadget.

This book is about Zac’s training at spy camp. He learns to use different gadgets like the shooting star which helps him swing out of danger and the animal tracker. If you touch the animal on the animal tracker it feels real. I really liked the bit where they swung across the creek with their star belt to get away from the mother lion . Zac & agent Fang also get to ride in a super speedy machinery snake . The snakes mouth is the door.

I like the Zac Power books because they don’t have real coloured pictures. The pictures are just shadows and so you don’t really know what they look like. You have to imagine what they really look like. I really like the book cover cause Zac’s shadow makes the A in the word Zac. Sometimes there are bully’s in the books and I don’t like them.

This book is an easy chapter book and I think it would be good for 6-9 year olds. Boys would like this book and also girls who like adventure or mission stories.

Reviewed by ATHENA. Age 7. Kereru!

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Whaea Jane said...

Athena, I really enjoyed reading your review about Zac Power. I agree with you that it's great to be able to make your own pictures in your mind as you read. Keep on reading!