Tuesday, May 24, 2011


GOLF We have been doing Golf with a Golf Coach it has been really fun.We did this activity where we had Hulla hoop and tried to hit the ball into it if we got the ball in we got 1 point if it was in front of it we got 4 if it was touching the hoop we got 2 and if it was beside the hoop or behind it we got 3.We had teams of three and took turns hitting the ball we added up our points all together and figured out the total amount our goal was too get a lower score than last time my teams(my team was Lillymae and Jack) lowest score was 20 added up all together.My lowest score individually was 4 i got 1 once and 1 again then 2. The idea in golf is two get low scores instead of high scores the lower scores you get the better chance you get of winning.

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