Monday, August 2, 2010

Cassie says hello!

Hello everyone,
Cassie wanted to say hello and say she can't wait to meet you all. She is being very good and will get to go home soon.
A big thank you to Whaea Jane who came in and fed me!
Can't wait to see you all, I love checking the blog and seeing what you are all up to,
take care Middles, I'll be in soon,
Love Mrs Scorrar


Anonymous said...

She is sooooo gorgeous!!! Looking forward to meeting and cuddling Cassie! :)

Awesome Middles said...

Dear Mrs Scorrar
Cassie is cute!
I was so excited to hear it was a girl. We will post you something from America soon. I miss you love Ella

Whaea Jane said...

Awesome. Looking good chick, your babe is beautiful!! Great to see you tucking in to some nutritious kai. Tino reka te kai!!

The Huxfords said...

Hehe, this reminds me of my hunger after delivering Renee, 2 hours after the birth (11pm) Sean & I went home via McDonald's drive-thru!
Hope everything is going well & Cassie is behaving herself.
Love the Huxfords.